Thursday, 22 December 2011

18 Things before 18.

Before I turn 18 next July I want to have completed this list. What better time to start than the present?

  1. Pass my driving test. -Booked for August
  2. Drive to the coast with my bestfriends in my car and have a skins style beach party!
  3. Learn to ballroom dance (preferably with Jimbo, my boyfriend).
  4. Complete my Wreck This Journal.
  5. Go on a holiday with my bestfriends sans sensible adults. Booked for June (a month before I'm 18!)
  6. Reach 200 GFC followers on Blogger.
  7. Save up some money.
  8. Go away to Paris with Jimbo for the weekend.
  9. Learn to play guitar (again! Third time lucky?)
  10. Sell something I've made and donate the money made to a charity.-In progress
  11. Face my fears and hold a spider!
  12. Gain the confidence to tell my friends about my blog.
  13. Do an apple store dance and post it to Youtube!
  14. Drive until I lose the road. -completed on the 12/07/12
  15. Vlog.
  16. Make myself an item of clothing.
  17. Write more of mine and Steph's book (its an on going process).
  18. Win something. (competition/giveaway/lottery?!!!!)
Do you have anything you'd like to do before a certain age?

Amy x
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