Thursday, 24 November 2011

You have my heart.

Every comment, follow or mention I get on Twitter -STILL- makes my heart flutter. I love each and everyone of you for supporting my blog. Thank you so much. As a small token of my appreciation I'm going to do something scary. I'm going upload the recording of my singing for my GCSE Music Performance piece. I don't often share my singing (although it is a passion of mine) I don't even utter more than a few notes in front of my boyfriend out of embarrassment. However, after sharing the clip with the lovely Devon, her positive feedback has reassured me somewhat. My voice has matured a lot since this was recorded two years ago, but hey, I'm literally bearing my soul to you now readers! Eek here goes....

I Dreamed a Dream... sung by.. er me!

Excuse me whilst I hide in embarrassment! 

*A rather red-faced* Amy x
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