Friday, 18 November 2011

Project Ten Pan

After being stone cold broke for the last 2 weeks I've decided to take a stand, starting with my makeup drawer. I tend to read beauty blogs and see a product which has been given a fantastic review and think- 'wow I could use that!' When I already have 2 variants in differing brands. Unnecessary, bad Amy. 

So to curb the spending (or at least stop it for now!) I'm embarking on 'Project Ten Pan.'

About Project Ten Pan

  1. The idea is simple: select ten products from your existing makeup collection you want to completely use up.
  2. Don't buy ANY other makeup products until these ten pans have been completely used.
  3. Admit to all moments of weakness and confess all makeup sins here on blogger.
  4. Save money! :)

My 10 products:

Number 1: Color Trend Final Touch Bronzer in 'Translucent Tan'

I chose this product because I've recently really got into bronzer. I would like to purchase a more high end bronzer, with more staying power than this one has. As bronzers go, this is a pretty good match for my skin and also doesn't make my skin too oily or orange. But it doesn't last long so I can see myself adding this to my makeup bag for touch ups!

Number 2: Barry M 'Touch of Magic' Lipstick

Many people freak when I get this lipstick out, 'no, I'm NOT putting green lippy on!' The green goes a shade of pink which variates as to the levels of alkali in your lips. They green derives from the fact it has added Aloe Vera to moisturize the lips. I chose this product because I've had it nearly a year and there isn't much left. Its on its last legs bless it.

Number 3: Avon Ideal Shade Foundation in 'Shell' 

The reason I've chosen this product is there isn't much left but I don't want to buy a new foundation until I've finished this one. Next time I'll buy a better quality one and have my skin tone matched. Buying from an Avon catalogue may be cheap but there isn't much scope for testing your ideal shade (ironically enough! (see product name)). 

Number 4: Lush Lip Scrub in 'Bubblegum'

I don't want to use up this product as such, but its on my list for the reason that I want to take better care of my lips this winter. Last year, I let them get in a chapped state before slicking on the balm! No longer. I love this scrub, tasty, easy to use and it smells great. If only it wasn't nearly a fiver!

Number 5: Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 'Soft Pink'

Recently theres been a lot of controversy surrounding Max Factor. Personally I love the brand but I'm very disappointed to find out they test on animals so much. I'm trying to be more animal friendly in my future makeup brand choices. That is why this is on the list. It is however, a perfect blush. Sort it out Max Factor, you are in my bad books!

Number 6: Witch Hazel Spot Concealer

As you can see there  isn't much left! This is on the list because I'm growing wearing of the bacteria which will be, inevitably, building up on the product. More of a hindrance than a help when it comes to spots! I need a new one, pronto.

Number 7: Color Trend Eyeshadow in 'Angel Food'

I'm actually embarrassed to tell you how long I've had this product. As a clue, I'll tell you I wore it to my leavers disco in year 6.... Oh Amy! I love the colour, however, and I can't bear to just chuck it out. Sentimental value, aha. I'm sure it can't be great using an nearly 11 year old eyeshadow but hey, you can't say I'm not taking this project seriously!

Number 8:  No 7 Extreme Length Mascara

In a never ending quest to find the perfect mascara, luxe sample sizes of variants are in abundance around my bedroom. They need using up before they dry up! That is why this product is in the list. Anyone used No 7 mascaras before? Are they any good?

Number 9: Carmex Lip Balm inn 'Strawberry'

I love Carmex. I've tried every flavour, I've used the pot version and the tube version and it never gets old. I've added this too my list as another way to force myself into a good habit of putting on lip salve in the cold weather. I will not be defeated by winter frosts.

Number 10: No 7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream

Confession: occasionally (OCCASIONALLY, PEOPLE) I forget to take eye makeup off at night (read as 'can't be bothered to take my eye makeup off') Bad I know, but hopefully this eye cream will help combat the bags I get as a result and remind me to take of my makeup PROPERLY. Good girl, Amy.

So there you have it, my Ten Products. I'll update you along the journey and I promise I'll confess all sins (makeup sales will be the end of me). Will you be joining me on my quest for more savings?

Amy x

NB: I will still be getting my monthly GlossyBox as I enjoy receiving packages in the mail too much to let it go. Deal with it ;).
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