Sunday, 13 November 2011

Oh, what I wouldn't do, If I had you

Today has been such a lazy day! I've done very little other than read Company and potter around the house. Oops. I also only got up at 1! How bad is that? I think I must have been tired after being out from 8 Am yesterday and not returning home until 1 Am Sunday morning! Ouch. 

I didn't want to include my face in todays outfit post as I'm looking pretty tired. I also haven't had the energy to put makeup on -sorry.

I'm wearing my Jade Green Topshop Chinos which I'm absolutely loving at the moment. They are warm and soft yet they add a splash of colour to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. My tshirt is from Sainsbury's (would you believe?) its covered in vintage lomo images of iconic London scenes. Fab. My necklace is from eBay (still not sure if it makes the outfit too busy however. What do you think?) My shoes are New Look and no, I didn't wear these around the house all day. They wanted to be included since I haven't worn shoes all day, cheeky. 

My current fave nail colour- Piccadilly Circus (I'm such a London gal). Excuse the messy paint-job, I was doing it whilst watching a rather tense episode of Vampire Diaries!

Company featuring the Take Ten Bloggers -congrats girls!

My health kick! After reading that Green Tea helps keep your skin nice, your hunger at bay AND your metabolism high, me and my best friend couldn't resist stocking up on a few boxes of the stuff. I'm officially swapping snacking on fatty foods for Green Tea and Sunflower seeds. Lets see how long this lasts....

My current favourite is green tea with cranberry, Its really fresh and fruity.

Warming up cold winter evenings and leaving a lovely scent in my bedroom. Oh, Yankee candles I love you.

I'm actually enjoying my Wuthering Heights english revision. Its a tough book to read but I'm onto my 3rd time and I'm beginning to relax about the language and enjoy the strange story.

My favourite paragraph: 'My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath.' ... 'Nelly, I am Heathcliff!' Try it... I dare you.

Me and Amy!

Any TOWIE fans out there? I met Amy Childs at Bluewater on Saturday. I don't know what its is about her but I have a major girl crush!

Amy x 
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