Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Nail Rock Review

When GlossyBox sent me 'Nail Rocks's' Nail wraps, I was perplexed. Nail art pre-done? Fab for nail newbies like yours truly, but the 'sticker' aspect worried me. Would I wake up with my Nail Wraps stuck to my duvet? Would they peel off easily? Would they leave that annoying debris on my nails like you get with plasters?! But they are big news, and I don't like to waste my £12.95 I give to GlossyBox per month. So I decided to try them out.

I couldn't use them on my finger nails as unfortunately I'm not allowed to wear polish for work. So, I decided to put them on my toes (where they apparently last 8 weeks, yes, 8 WEEKS)! 

Here are my tools:

Apparently, the polish remover had to be 'Acetone' based, which, fortunately my cheap and cheerful Sainsbury's one was. Win. I should also add scissors to this photo as I soon found I needed to use them, rather than the file the instructions suggested.

The instructions told me to use one wrap per nail, however, after application I found this was a mega waste of wrap and decided to use 1 wrap for every two toes. Its very simple to cut them in half with sharp scissors and shape them to your cuticle. I actually found it a lot easier than I expected to get a smooth, non-bumpy finish.

To get the top neat, Nail Rock suggests you file the edges down. I don't know if it was just MY file, but I found this useless and resorted to trimming them with scissors. I found the wraps stuck faster and a lot quicker than you'd think. So far, so impressed.

Unfortunately, I was a pleb and stuck one sticker on a different way to the rest of them. DUH, Amy! Ah well, I'll just have to pretend I meant it to be like that ;).

As you can see, my second foot was much better than my first... I found it fairly easy to grasp the concept of Nail Rock but the real test will come with their longevity. I've had them on for just over a week and I've had no peeling edges which is impressive. They even survived a 45 minute Zumba work out! However, I have been wearing socks most days so its poignant to note that they have been protected most of their life.


As you can see, I only used 6 wraps. Leaving me with 10 to use later. I really like the concept of Nail Wraps and have been impressed with Nail Rock's offering so far. Another good call, GlossyBox. Have you tried nail wraps? What did you think?

Amy x

P.s. Sorry about the feet :(
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