Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lets talk about: Body Image

About 3 months ago I happened across this image on Tumblr:

For some reason, this prompted me to get out my tape measure and record my own vitals:

'Neck-12 Inches
Bust- 37 inches 
Waist- 27 inches 
Hips- 32 Inches
Thighs- 20 Inches 
Calf- 13 1/2  Inches.' I furiously scribbled down, pulling the tape measure as tight as it would go. Oh. Disappointment ran through me and I quickly googled 'Exercises to lose tummy flab' and ' healthy eating diet plan.' I stood and stared at my body in the mirror for what seemed like an age. Too much cellulite under my bum, bloated belly, chubby calves. Why was I disappointed? I'm certainly not out of the ordinary, weight wise. My reaction seems so silly looking back.

However, I'm not alone. With images like the ones above splashed across social media sites its hard not to make comparisons. With 'FHM' and other lads mags constantly featuring perfect, slender beauty queens its difficult not to think 'well that must be what men like.' When we hear about 'how quickly this celeb lost her baby bump' or how Kate Moss thinks 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,' its damn tricky as a female to stay above it all. 'Thinspiration' blogs are rife all over the internet urging girls that stick is the new curvaceous.

I know so many women with body issues and worse, I also know people with eating disorders. It affects their whole lives and we need to put an end to this. We are ALL beautiful in our own ways. Look at Adele, glamorous, stunning, talented and unconventional. That is what we need. More inspiring women who don't fuss over calorie counting or remaining a size 6. We should embrace our natural bodies.

Its not just the women who are suffering either, more men than ever are being diagnosed with bulimia and anorexia. Its understandable, with things like the Calvin Klein adverts and Mr Jacob I-Just-Can't-Seem-To-Keep-My-Top-on Black on our screens 24/7 its enough to strike doubt into the hearts of even the most toned men. My boyfriend is a prime example, he is beautiful yet he always claims he's fat. By this he means he wishes he was more muscly like the celebrities he sees all the time, and has begun to think is the 'norm'and is what is 'right.' 

I was angered by TOWIE's Mark Wright's on going campaign to get the cuddle Arg in shape. Let 'im eat cake I say! We need to start reminding ourselves that we are perfect, because we all are. Size 6 or size 16. Now, I'm off to enjoy a nice big plate of macaroons, yum!

Amy x
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