Thursday, 17 November 2011

I'm running late but I don't need an excuse because I'm wearing my brand new shoes.

A couple of days ago I was innocently (paha) surfing Office's website and happened across their sale. The first thing that caught my eye was the sheer size of the reductions (more than 50%) and how many items were in the sale (over 900)! I recommend you all check it out, before the sizes go. 

After a few minutes browsing, I promptly feel in love with these babies. Reduced from 92 pounds to a mere 20 I felt you really couldn't go wrong. They are also made of thick leather- perfect for winter parties. 

However, being the broke student I am, I bitterly grumbled to my boyfriend about my lack of currency. Being the lovely soul he is, he took it upon himself to buy me the beauties (probably to shut me up!) and made me one very happy (and extremely lucky) girl. My glee when I arrived home from a grueling day at work to see the Office package sitting on my bed was immense. Here they are *drum roll please*

Packages through the post for the win!

the suspense!!

its hard taking a photo of your shoes!

These are my new favourite shoes, the are so comfortable and soft! Thank you Jimbo, I love you 

Amy x
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