Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I'll pick you up when you're getting down.

Let me introduce you to Pixi makeup: pretty colours, cute packaging, quality for your money and full of skin treating ingredients. What more could you want out of a brand?

I first stumbled across Pixi's store in Soho after an unfortunate incident of getting a bit lost around Soho's streets with my best friend. Slightly confused and lost, coming across the pretty, luxurious looking, lime green Pixi shop was lovely surprise and we both rushed in a makeup infused haze to the nearest ATMs to withdraw all we had left after a day of shopping to purchase as much as we could afford. Fortunately a sale was on and we both came away happy and excited to be trying a different brand.

I recently re found my Pixi stash after sorting out my makeup drawer. I just had to show you because, for me, Pixi is an amazing, versatile brand and I feel I've been truly pampered by their products.

First the Lipduo: Whilst I was disappointed with the little difference between the two shades I definitely love this product. It smells fabulous and has the staying power of glue! Its not drying and it has a slight plumping effect too. Not sure if I would've purchased it for its RRP (12 pounds) had it not been on offer though.

The eyeshadows: How cute is the name?! 'Fairy Dust' :). I have 3 pastel shades '7' '10' and '2.' My favourite is 2 because its so pretty and I haven't seen a similar colour in Barry M's 'Dazzle Dust' collection (unlike 7 and 10 which are fairly text book shades). The only draw back to these pretty dusts are the tube they come in. Its quite hard to get product out initially and it takes a lot of gentle tapping to get enough product on your brush without covering yourself in the process as the opening is too tight to fit a standard brush in (very odd). They do however last all day and look very cute on the skin.

I urge you all to try this great brand! (AND JOIN MY GIVEAWAY (just do it to shut me up)).

Amy x
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