Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I surrender who I've been to who you are.

Twilight, love or loathe NO ONE can deny the movies have the greatest soundtracks. They choose the most beautiful and appropriate songs for the scenes and I love guessing which songs will fit with which scene before I see the movies. 

I wanted to share with you my favourites from Breaking Dawn Part 1 which I saw on Monday. WARNING: It was a emotional roller-coaster for anyone planning to see it, so bring some tissues (or a mate) to cry on. 

Sleeping At Last -'Turning Page'

Angus and Julia Stone- 'Love Will Take You'

Bruno Mars -'It Will Rain'

The Features -'From Now On'

Iron and Wine -'Flightless Bird American Mouth'
(also feature in 'Twilight')

Hard Fi -'Like A Drug'

Cider Sky -Northern Lights'

I've got all these on repeat. Please keep an open mind and no spam about 'Team Edward/Team Jacob' please, its Team TWILIGHT guys ;).

Amy x
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