Monday, 14 November 2011


GoodFibres is an ethical tshirt company which aims to benefit not only the wearer but the designer and the 'wider world.' Made from ethically sourced 100% cotton, the tshirts are designed by people from all over the world who have submitted their designs to the website. The public then vote, like and tweet about their favourite tees which go onto get printed. (The designer receives a copy of their tshirt.) 

For every tshirt sold, one is donated to a charity chosen by the Goodfibre's community, this charity rotates every 6 months. In the future, GoodFibres hope to begin donating more than just clothing. They would like to begin sending out clean drinking water and art supplies to people in need. 

I was fascinated by this great concept and immediately decided, I too, wanted to be apart of this scheme. So, I've designed a tee which you can view and vote for HERE

My design is called 'Nobody Writes Letters Anymore:'

Thank you for your time and support!

Amy x

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