Thursday, 10 November 2011

Amy, whats in your makeup bag?

I had a request via email to share with you all my makeup bag contents. I'll give in my best shot!

I currently keep all my 'on the go' makeup in my 'Dermalogica' makeup bag which I got with October's GlossyBox. I mainly keep small, sample sized makeup with me or cheap products just for quick easy touch ups if needed.

The first product in my bag is the most expensive. Its my Bobbi Brown Extra Soothing Balm and at £22 for 15ml it certainly isn't cheap. It is however, my favourite all rounder product. It can be used on the lips, elbows, cuticles and rough skin. My sister uses it for her eczema, thats how soothing it is! I've heard through the grapevine its also good on scabs but I haven't tested this claim yet. I really like the pretty glass pot it lives in too, very classy. Perfect winter product.

Next up its a sample size No7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream. I keep it in there for those days when I'm tired and my eyes are looking a bit dark. Its a small sample and is running out fast so I may have to invest in the full size product!

Then I have my Rescue Remedy. My Nan swears by this and now so do I. I'm never without a bottle. Its seen me through some difficult times including my GCSEs and my AS Levels. I love you rescue remedy.

Then I have my Carmex. It smells great, its SPF 15 and its brilliantly moisturising. I actually have two backups in the pipeline in case I run out (one cherry and one strawberry flavoured). I rely on this product. I wear it to bed and under my lipsticks. I'm also seen to be topping it up every 30 minutes at college!

This is my go-to product in case of a zit. Its a concealer from Avon containing witch hazel. Unfortunately I cannot remember its name as the packaging has rubbed off! It provides great, non greasy coverage which also helps to eliminate blemishes. It also cost me less than 3 pounds.

After the waves Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been making in the media, big lips are all in. This cheap product from Pop Beauty helps to achieve a similar (ish) finish. Its slightly too bright for everyday use, so I often pop a lipstick over the top.

I have a Maxfactor Eyebrow Pencil in here, mainly for the tamer brush on the end of the lid! Down beasts, down!

No7 sample size again. I love this mascara and its small enough to carry everywhere with me. 

Maple Taffy Lip Balm. Smells and tastes like heaven. I wore it to school the other week and another student asked who smelt like pancakes. I showed them my lip balm and everyone agreed it smells good enough to eat.

Mirror, of course. Standard.  

Would you believe I bought this from Primark? I use it in eye-bag emergencies. Its nothing special but for a pound who cares?

Whats in YOUR makeup bag?

Amy x
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