Saturday, 1 October 2011

Yellow Diamonds In The Sky

Long time no blog! Apologies faithful readers, I've had a busy week.

I just waned to show you some of my favourite eyeshadows of late: The No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadows. They are reasonably priced, richly pigmented and have great staying power- what more could you want? I'm a sucker for eyeshadows and my 'Stay Perfect' collection is growing by the day. Here are my four favourites:

This first colour is called 'Truffle' and its a very neutral brown with a slight pink sheen to it. Its very versatile and can be used sparsely for a natural daytime look or heavy for a shiny glam nighttime eyes. 

The next is a pale turquoise (obviously) pigment called 'Pacific Green.' Its quite strong on the eyes so I only tend to use it on the inner corners of my eyes of blended with another colour for a more subtle look.

'Comet' is my favourite party eyeshadow. Its smokey with hints of silver glitter. Perfect for going out! Its also good for putting in your crease in conjunction with a paler colour on your lids.

Last but not least the pretty 'Mink.' Its slightly more peachy than it appears in these photos but its gorgeous and very good at lighting up tired looking eyes!

What eyeshadows do you guys love?

Amy x

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