Sunday, 23 October 2011

This week has been...

Hard Working
I've done lots of over time at work this week, which, will pay off tomorrow hopefully when my moneys goes in to my account *dances.*

Loving my Glossybox, especially this 'Dermalogical' Lip Complex. Its divine.

My boyfriend made me this origami heart -in he cute? I also got to see my bestfriend all the way from Switzerland. Que girly gossip over coffee - love.

Tom, Louisa, me

The bestest, Stephanie and I

Jimbo and I
My friend Louisa turned 18 this week and these are some photographs from her fab party. Big shout out to Tom (see above) hes a great mate and a  real character. He also now reads my blog. Everyone say 'Hi Tom.'

Amy x

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