Sunday, 16 October 2011


Those of you (lovely) people who've been following me for a while, will know that 1) I love rings and 2) I love turquoise. I think this brings me perfectly around to the YSL Arty Ring (in turquoise OBVZ).

My insides just turned to goo.

Now, if you are like me and have a less than lust worthy bank balance, the YSL Arty Ring may just be out of your reach (boo hoo). 

However, dear friends, behold the perfect substitute:

Meet Dolly Bow Bow's interpretation of the coveted Arty Ring, for just 12 POUNDS. Yes, you heard me right: 12 pounds!

Alright shes not quite the beauty that the Arty is, but hey, for a couple of hundred less, who cares if shes slightly less than perfect?

Fingers at the ready!

Amy x

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