Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I know you've been burned, but every fight is a lesson learned

I got my hair dyed and cut today! It came to a jaw droppingly unexpected amount (goodbye paycheck) but it was definitely worth it. Heres me posing for you and showing off my new trousers which I purchased yesterday:

I really dislike my hair straight (how the hairdresser blow dried it) but hopefully after I wash it it'll be more 'me.' I love the colours (pillar box red and coppery blonde) although they will soon fade to achieve a more gradient look which I'm also excited about. The hairdresser said it should be like this soon! I had to have an inch taken off my length which scared me a bit as I haven't had my hair cut in so long, I wasn't sure what it would be like after. But, thankfully its turned out lovely :). What do you guys think? 

My *new* trousers are New Look, my tshirt is Dorothy Perkins and my necklace is Primark for anyone interested!

Amy x
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