Sunday, 9 October 2011

Channeling my inner Effy

Ok, lets get some things straight- 1) I love skins. 2) How amazing where Effy Stonem's clothes in series 3 and 4? I've been after a open knit jumper since I saw her galavanting around the woods in the penultimate episode of series 3, styling her black grunge open knit over a feminine chiffon dress. 

Finally, after months of trawling the internet and clothes rails where ever I went, I found IT. THE one. Meet Chicwish's Be-Holed Laid Back Top:

Que excited squeals from me. I was all over that 'add to bag' button like a rash, I can tell you! Any how, after gushing to my boyfriend about it, he kindly offered to pay half of the price as an anniversary present (I love him). Behold, its finally here:

Its safe to say I threw it on straight away and don't plan on taking it off anytime soon. Its love readers, pure love.

Amy x

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