Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Love Lockdown

Hello again. Sorry for lack of posts this week! To be honest I haven't had a lot to say and I'm not one for half hearted posts. However, yesterday my Mum gave me a very special present -her charm bracelet.

Her charm bracelet was given to her by her Nan when she was younger than I am now. Its silver and very special as each of the charms represents a momentous occasion in her life. 

She gave it to me saying it deserved a new lease of life and I'm so over the moon. It means a lot to my Mum and it shows how much she trusts me! I'm very lucky.

Shoe (symbolizing a pantomime my Mum was in), rabbit (symbolizing pet) and seahorse.

'There was an old woman who lived in a shoes..'

'N' my Mothers initial.

The cat symbolizing my Mum's pet 'Bubbles' and the boat; a family holiday.

Ballerina for Mum's dancing exam and harp for a show she was in.

The bracelet means so much to me and rest assured I'll look after it!

Amy x
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