Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Great Mascara Quest!

Is it just me, or do we all seem to spend our time searching for the perfect, low cost mascara? I know I do! I've tried more brands than you can count on your fingers. I've opted for lash lengthening, curling, thickening and the 'this will do everything' mascara. Yet I still can't seem to find my soulmate. 

Currently I'm using Bobbi Brown's 'Lash Glamour Lash Lengthening mascara in 'Smoke,'' which retails for £15.00. I've probably liked this mascara most of all the variants I've tried, however as I scrape the bottom of the tube for the remaining product, I'm thinking -'what next?' Don't get me wrong, Lash Glamour is a really great product. It does lengthen your lashes and it stays in place for, well.. hours! Yet I still wouldn't pay out another £15.00 for it. It doesn't curl my lashes (which I like) and to be honest, the squidgy -for want of a better word- tube is down right messy! The brush is okay but its nothing compared to the innovative brushes Benefit is claiming with its new product 'They're real! Mascara.' 

So as Lash Glamour's final days draw nearer, looks like I'm going to be doing some major mascara field study. Have you found the 'perfect' mascara yet? 

Amy x 

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