Monday, 5 September 2011


I actually wrote this whole post out once before but Blogger error came up and I lost it all! Boo. Hope it works this time...

So, yesterday was my Grandparent's Golden (50th) wedding anniversary and about 60 people joined them at a pretty golf course to celebrate. I made them (from my Everything Alice Book!) a cushion cover, made to look like an invitation (see below). I was quite proud of it seeing as I haven't picked up a needle and thread since I was a younger nipper at primary school learning sewing in art class. (I wasn't much good then, either!) My sister and Mother collaborated to make the fabulous cake you can see below. Isn't it spectacular? I can't tell you how stressful it was trying to transport the cake to the location of the party!

The day was a great success (even if I did get told by a random guest that my shoes were stupid!) and my Grandparents said that the key to a long marriage is the fact they are best friends (N'awww). 

Here is what I wore:

My dress is Zara, belt: vintage, shoes: River Island and bag: Next.

Who's looking forward to going back to college this week? Not. Me.

Amy x

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