Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Yesterday I faced 6am for the first time in well... years. My Mum was doing a carboot sale and I offered to help (in the hope of finding some bargains on the other stalls in the process). It was cold and wet but finally after we'd set up, I set off to source some deals. 

I  nearly lost hope (and my Mum's stall) but eventually, I came across these beauties:

Neither is worth much, or made of real silver/gold but I think they are lovely pieces of costume jewelry! I paid just £3.50 for both items and that really is an amazing deal! 

The silver clock is a battery powered quartz clock, whereas the gold flower watch is a wind up mechanism. I feel a collection of pocket watches coming on!

Later, I went to my friends house (and we forced my boyfriend to watch HSM 3, much to his annoyance!) but sadly I arrived home to the bad news that our hamster was dying. We wrapped up poor george in a flannel and lay him on a hot water bottle. We also had to help him drink as he was so weak. Its always sad to see a beloved pet die. R.I.P George.

 Love, Amy x
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