Wednesday, 17 August 2011

TK Maxx Madness

Anyone here braved TK Maxx before? I find their stores often resemble some sort of jumble sale? Que: 'What is a coat doing in the evening dress section?!'/'Why is a size 14 on the size 8 rail?!' You have to be prepared to shift through bundles of clothes hung haphazardly on jam packed rails full of 80% 'WTH?' and 20% 'Bargain!' You must also anticipate the piles of clothes on the floor, ready to trip you up at any moment. However, dear readers, occasionally the madness that is TK Maxx can be quite rewarding. A friend of mine gets her ski wear from there for unbeatable prices and I too in the past have got some great clothes at purse friendly prices.

So, today, when my Mum suggested going in, I remained open minded with a side helping of caution. Luckily, it paid off and I managed to acquire: a great pair of House of Holland tights, a pretty new bra and some Lee jeans. All at wonderfully cheap prices.

Bra: 5.99

Tights (In nude with black houses in contrast to the packaging): 4.99

Skinny Jeans: 19.99
Anyone else got some good deals from TK Maxx?

Amy x

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