Saturday, 27 August 2011

L'oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Face Wash Review

For starters- ^ WHAT a mouthful! However, do not let this put you off. My Mum brought me home this product a few weeks ago and, to be honest, I thought it looked like a lot of unnecessary effort. I'm more a splash and go kinda gal so using the 'scrublet' over my current favourite (no fuss) face wash seemed a bit pointless.

However, my kind Mum had brought it for me, so last night I took the plunge.

The face wash claims to leave you with a 'clean sensation,' make your 'pores look smaller' and give you 'velvety smooth skin.' I would agree with 2 of the 3 -which isn't bad going! I was left feeling very clean and more (HUGE) pores did appear reduced although sadly my skin was no smoother than normal, even after I re-used the product this morning. I actually even liked the 'scrublet' and my T-Zone remained oil free throughout a 5 our shift  Not bad going!

I'm not sure I would choose this product again as my current face wash contains witch hazel (which is amazing on my spots). But I may continue to use the 'scrublet' even after the product runs out as it did feel as if i was really getting into all my pores.

Amy x
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