Saturday, 13 August 2011


Hey again! I'm home now and after a week of cruising around the med I feel ready to get back to some serious blogging. 

I won't bore you with too many details of my holiday but I'd like to share with you some of my favourite parts:

1) The traditional Italian pizza margarita which contains the 3 colours of the Italian flag (red: tomato, white: mozzarella cheese and green: basil).

2) Seeing the incredible ancient town of Pompeii (it was massive in comparison to what I had in mind)!

3)  The nightly shows by the cruise theatre team on board (personal favourite being the Disney one they did). 

4) The fabulous fashions on the people of Italy! (Everyone dresses so unqiue, non of this mass of leggings/ugg boots you see in England.)

5) Our lovely waiters who entertained us every evening with singing and guitar playing. 

6) The turquoise seas of Corsica.

7) The incredible Barcelona which was just alive with so much energy.

Some of the things I won't miss are:

1) The rough seas we experience on the second to last night.

2) Lack of communication with the outside world on board the ship (I have a friend who lives right in Croydon and I was getting quite worried about her).

3) The scary boat toilets which make a noise like a jet plane when they are flushed!

Heres me in Sicily, feeling on top of the world in the sunshine! (And grinning in a rather cheesy manner.)

(My skirt is Urban Outfitters and it was a birthday present from my Gran. Its knee length, covered in birdcages and swishy. I love it.)

I hope you have all had fantastic weeks! I start my first official day at my new job this afternoon, I'm bricking it. The only two senior members of staff I know aren't going to be there so I'm going to be a bit lost to begin with..... Wish me luck! 

Amy x

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