Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Distraction Techniques

Today has been spent shopping and getting arty whilst trying to distract brain from impending doom that is exam results (eek?!). 

Its my Grandparents 50th (Golden) wedding anniversary (n'awww) in 2 weeks so as a present I have decided to make an 'Invitation cushion' (from my 'Everything Alice' book) for them. This meant a trip to the wonderful and exciting HobbyCraft (I have too much fun there) for the materials. 

I've also decided to make them a cake stand using vintage china for the cupcakes my sister is making to go on. (Method from my Alice book pictured below.)

So, following HobbyCraft me and Mum went round all the local charity shops until we found a GORGEOUS bone china set with a pretty blue and gold (geddit? GOLDEN wedding anniversary ;)) pattern. 

This cost us 8 pounds for 4 plates (each a different size) and 1 teacup plus 3 pounds for 3 brandy glasses to make the stand in between the plates. I shall post the finished project later but I have to admit I'm rather proud of the way its going so far (half the plates and glasses are stuck together). 

Here are some photos of the progress so far:

Stacking it up!

Hopefully it'll look quite good when finished! I also bought myself a pretty little plate from the Charity shop. I saw it and I HAD to have it. 2 pounds and a brand new way to display jewelry? Brilliant. (Pictured below.)

Good luck all A Levelers for tomorrows results!

Amy x
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