Saturday, 30 July 2011

Whats In Your Bag?

I've seen a few 'Whats in your bag?' posts around recently and it looks like fun! So here is the idea: you post your last used handbag and all of its content. No matter how weird or embarrassing!

This is my Accessorize bag which my lovely boyfriend bought me on our 2 year anniversary! 
Its very ALexa Chung and I absolutely adore it. I pair it with practically everything!

I also like the pretty lining inside!

Here is the contents:

Lush Helping Hands hand cream
Sinex Soother nasal spray (I have a cold, boo :()
Missguided Lipsplash in 'Missfortune'
Cherry Carmex
My keys (attached to bracelet from Futuroscope in France, complete with sperm keyring (don't ask!!))
My iPod (A.K.A Marvin)
A roll of film to be developed
Garnier Mineral deodorant
My purse from River Island

Whats in YOUR bag?

Amy x

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