Saturday, 16 July 2011

The History of The Diana Camera

It has recently come to my attentions that not enough people know about the Diana camera. The Diana came about in the 60s and was exported to the UK and USA from Hong Kong to be sold as a cheap, novelty camera. Selling for around 1 dollar originally, the Diana is made entirely of plastic which makes it very light weight. 

Dianas where often given away as raffle prizes at funfairs and were liked for their 'novelty' values rather than photographic qualities. Their cheap, plastic lens often suffered from light leaks and other issues. The Diana no longer made the cut when cheap, higher quality cameras came onto the market in the mid 70s and they soon vanished from the circuit. 

However, in  the late 70s, photography graduates began to use the Diana cameras for their soft focus, dreamlike end products and the Diana burst back onto the photography scene.

Nowadays, Diana replicas are available for between 45 and 250 pounds. They come in a range of quirky designs and colours. My favourite thing about Diana cameras is the artistic finish your photos have. It has been said that shooting with a Diana is like shooting blind, because you can never really tell how the developed photograph will look!

Some brilliant Diana photography:
(click photograph for credit)

Hopefully I'll soon be able to show you all my own examples!

Amy x
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