Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Graze Box Review

I ordered my first Graze box a while ago, which arrived this week. I was very excited by the prospect of healthy (but tasty) snacks which arrive straight to your door! For anyone who doesn't know, Graze is a company which,via your feedback, sends tailor made snack boxes to suit your tastes. They come weekly and you can stop your subscription at any time. The boxes are nutritionally balanced, and contain four yummy snack pots. I like how it is a surprise which snacks you may get in your box each week and I was pleasantly surprised how much variety of food there is! Another good thing is that the box (100% recyclable) fits through your mail box, so if you are out a lot and miss the delivery, there is no need to go down to your post office to pick it up! 

These boxes are great for me as they are cheap (£3.49 inc delivery) and they are great for my diet. Trying to lose weight can be hard when its so much easier to pick up a chocolate bar when  you are hungry than it is (for example) to cut up a -more healthy- melon. The pots cant be individually removed from the Graze box too, so they are ideal for lunch boxes for College or days out.

This week my box contained: Desert Island Nuts (coconut, almonds and Brazil nuts), Summer Pudding (Strawberries, Blackcurrants, Cranberries and Sponge Drops), Orange and Ginger Flapjack and Moorish Marrakech (Apricots, harissa almonds and orange infused Sultanas). I have tried both the flapjack and the desert island and enjoyed both of them a lot. My favourite was definitely the flapjack!

I would recommend Graze to everyone as you can rate all their foods online so your box only contains what YOU want. It is quick and easy to rate the foods with Graze's 'try,' 'like,' 'love' and 'bin' likert scale.

If anyone would like to try Graze feel free to use my friend code for a free box (and get the next one half price!). FRIEND CODE: 7QT85543.

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