Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Diamonds are Forever

If I'm going to be posting outfits on here I thought I should tell you the stories behind the jewelry you'll see cropping up all the time. Here are the pieces of jewelry I rarely take off:

My Diamond Ring:
I wear it on my right hand, ring finger. It was given to me on my 16th birthday by my Grandparents who, inherited it and its sister ring from my Nan's Great Aunt.My sister will receive the second ring on her 16th birthday.My ring is 18 carat gold with a platinum flower, encrusted with 7 small diamonds. Its probably my most valuable possession. I love how much history it has to it, it means a lot to me that I get to wear a family heirloom. 

Next is my Ring from my Mum which she bought me when we went to the seaside, the last day my Dad had off work after his stroke (very minor stroke but he needed 2 months off work to recover). Its sterling silver with a small garnet and I wear it on my middle finger of my left hand.

Then I have my bracelets. This particular one is my absolute pride and joy: my Pandora. My boyfriend bought it for me  on our one year anniversary almost 2 years ago. Its so pretty and I have beads on it from all the people I love.  I'm very lucky to have such a generous boyfriend (if you are reading this, hi Jimbo!). If anything happened to my bracelet I'd be distraught, its very special to me.

I also own a leather Pandora bracelet with I recieved for Valentines Day from Jimbo. I LOVE the texture of this bracelet. I own the black version and it looks amazing layered with my silver Pandora!

I also wear two necklaces. The first was my first ever present from my boyfriend Jimbo. I love it and its become very much a good luck charm and a safety blanket for me. I tend to fiddle with it if I'm nervous!
The second is a more recent christmas present from Jimbo (can you see a trend here? ;)). Its a lovely Rabbit necklace from accessorize which has a much shorter chain than my other necklace, I think the two look pretty together. I'm very grateful for all the wonderful presents from my boyfriend and I only hope my presents to him are as good!  

What jewelry do you guys never take off?

Amy x
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