Thursday, 3 January 2013

Vintage Vanity Case

 A new, small vintage shop has opened in my area, and let me tell you- I was on its doorstep almost as soon as I heard. It was reasonably priced and tucked into a tiny space. It was a cluttered haven of old loveliness. I was tempted by several tea sets (I just can't resist a good mad hatter tea set) but the real gem of the store was this art deco leather vanity case- complete with hair brush, comb, clothes brush, two cream pots, two perfume bottles, detachable mirror which has a handy stand and a square jar. It was battered and slightly stained, but at £20- it was a steal.

 The lady behind the counter told me it was from the late 1930s which makes it really, really old- so a few scratches and dents are to be expected. When folded up it looks like an old leather travel case, masculine and practical. But when you open it up, the beautiful shiny cosmetic containers, accessories and silky lining scream 'lady who knows her beauty.' For now, I'm using it to store my makeup collection (bar my lipsticks and the items I use everyday) ready to be transported back to Uni. However, I'm tempted to leave it empty and just display it at some point- it looks so lovely open!

What do you think of my vintage steal? Would you like a vintage vanity case, or does the thought of someone else having used the jars and brushes fill you with terror?

Amy x
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