Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Nail Rock Review

When GlossyBox sent me 'Nail Rocks's' Nail wraps, I was perplexed. Nail art pre-done? Fab for nail newbies like yours truly, but the 'sticker' aspect worried me. Would I wake up with my Nail Wraps stuck to my duvet? Would they peel off easily? Would they leave that annoying debris on my nails like you get with plasters?! But they are big news, and I don't like to waste my £12.95 I give to GlossyBox per month. So I decided to try them out.

I couldn't use them on my finger nails as unfortunately I'm not allowed to wear polish for work. So, I decided to put them on my toes (where they apparently last 8 weeks, yes, 8 WEEKS)! 

Here are my tools:

Apparently, the polish remover had to be 'Acetone' based, which, fortunately my cheap and cheerful Sainsbury's one was. Win. I should also add scissors to this photo as I soon found I needed to use them, rather than the file the instructions suggested.

The instructions told me to use one wrap per nail, however, after application I found this was a mega waste of wrap and decided to use 1 wrap for every two toes. Its very simple to cut them in half with sharp scissors and shape them to your cuticle. I actually found it a lot easier than I expected to get a smooth, non-bumpy finish.

To get the top neat, Nail Rock suggests you file the edges down. I don't know if it was just MY file, but I found this useless and resorted to trimming them with scissors. I found the wraps stuck faster and a lot quicker than you'd think. So far, so impressed.

Unfortunately, I was a pleb and stuck one sticker on a different way to the rest of them. DUH, Amy! Ah well, I'll just have to pretend I meant it to be like that ;).

As you can see, my second foot was much better than my first... I found it fairly easy to grasp the concept of Nail Rock but the real test will come with their longevity. I've had them on for just over a week and I've had no peeling edges which is impressive. They even survived a 45 minute Zumba work out! However, I have been wearing socks most days so its poignant to note that they have been protected most of their life.


As you can see, I only used 6 wraps. Leaving me with 10 to use later. I really like the concept of Nail Wraps and have been impressed with Nail Rock's offering so far. Another good call, GlossyBox. Have you tried nail wraps? What did you think?

Amy x

P.s. Sorry about the feet :(

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Photography Feature: Lensbaby mimicks

 I love the 'Lensbaby's' which attach to your camera body, focusing on my small subject in the frame and creating a "motion blur" around it. I wanted to acheive this look in my photographs without splashing out on a Lens. My solution? Vaseline. I smeared the stuff across your filter, *WARNING ONLY USE ON CHEAP FILTERS NEVER APPLY DIRECTLY TO LENS* leaving leaving a pin hole free to focus sharply on my subject. Whilst you -evidentally- don't have as much control as you would do with a lensbaby, this is a quick, easy and incredibly cheap alternative. Here are a few examples of my shots. How do you think they turned out?

Amy x


Monday, 28 November 2011

Hell or glory, I don't want anything in between.

Yesterday I went shopping for my sisters birthday and ending up purchasing 2 things for myself and nothing for her! In my defense the jumper she wanted wasn't in stock so there wasn't much I could do about that...

Firstly I went into Republic and fell inn love with this jumper. Its soft, blue and open knit at the front (see post below for more open knit!) and it was only 20 pounds! When I saw that Republic also give students with an NUS card a 10% discount I had to have it. The deal was sealed readers. 

Innit cute?! The only thing I will say is that you obviously have to wear an under top. Mine here is black as my white one looked stoopid. I'm not sure the black looks right, but I'm a bit limited in the under top department!

Next I purchased a purse from River Island. My last RiverIsland baby (see here) broke last week and whilst I was sad to see her go, I also already new which purse would be my next one. I also dragged my sister down with me and got her to buy herself a River Island purse too. I think they are fab. Beautifully designed, cheap, durable and they have loads of POCKETS! I love me a good pocket.

Yes alright its turquoise, I'm obsessed blah blah blah...


Oh haiii Jimbo! 

Do you like?

Amy x

Friday, 25 November 2011

If you walk away.

Todays outfit comprised of a skirt I have literally owned for donkeys years (how old does something have to be to be considered 'vintage?'). To demonstrate how old it is: I bought it in Topshop to wear to my friends 14 birthday party. Said friend will be 19 next year..... Anyway I feel the fraying silk still has a certain ambiance to it and I can't let it go yet. Plus, I think it might just be THE perfect dusty rose pink.

You may recognise my open knit cardi from a recent blog post of mine. Its from Chicwish and I love it. My tee is H&M, the skirt: Topshop (as are my earrings). 

You may also notice I'm rocking my GlossyBox Ribbon in my hair! I couldn't help myself... the shade was perfect.

Amy x

Tick Tock

Amy x

Thursday, 24 November 2011

You have my heart.

Every comment, follow or mention I get on Twitter -STILL- makes my heart flutter. I love each and everyone of you for supporting my blog. Thank you so much. As a small token of my appreciation I'm going to do something scary. I'm going upload the recording of my singing for my GCSE Music Performance piece. I don't often share my singing (although it is a passion of mine) I don't even utter more than a few notes in front of my boyfriend out of embarrassment. However, after sharing the clip with the lovely Devon, her positive feedback has reassured me somewhat. My voice has matured a lot since this was recorded two years ago, but hey, I'm literally bearing my soul to you now readers! Eek here goes....

I Dreamed a Dream... sung by.. er me!

Excuse me whilst I hide in embarrassment! 

*A rather red-faced* Amy x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I surrender who I've been to who you are.

Twilight, love or loathe NO ONE can deny the movies have the greatest soundtracks. They choose the most beautiful and appropriate songs for the scenes and I love guessing which songs will fit with which scene before I see the movies. 

I wanted to share with you my favourites from Breaking Dawn Part 1 which I saw on Monday. WARNING: It was a emotional roller-coaster for anyone planning to see it, so bring some tissues (or a mate) to cry on. 

Sleeping At Last -'Turning Page'

Angus and Julia Stone- 'Love Will Take You'

Bruno Mars -'It Will Rain'

The Features -'From Now On'

Iron and Wine -'Flightless Bird American Mouth'
(also feature in 'Twilight')

Hard Fi -'Like A Drug'

Cider Sky -Northern Lights'

I've got all these on repeat. Please keep an open mind and no spam about 'Team Edward/Team Jacob' please, its Team TWILIGHT guys ;).

Amy x

Nothing prepared me for the privilege of being yours.

Slightly different outfit post today, I had a little bit too much fun messing around on aha! Not sure if I like the final effect but it certainly kill time (and boredom) and its much simpler than Photoshop *cough* tech phobic *cough.* 

My shirt is H&M, skirt is Topshop and my shoes are Office! I must admit this look was slightly too Spring/Autumn for the chilly November England is currently experiencing. Ah well, thats what boyfriends are for eh? Warming cuddles.

Amy x

Monday, 21 November 2011

They say the Captain goes down with the ship.

Regular readers will know I went to Bluewater two weekends ago. Whilst I was there I ducked into 'The Body Shop' as it was advertising all kinds of promotions. I had a look in and came across this Lip Roll-On which the lady behind the counter told me was amazing. I have to admit she was right!

It cost me just £4 and is a new addition to 'The Body Shop''s ever growing lip care line. It smells and tastes super yummy, which often leads to me licking it off and needing to reapply! But, what I like most about it is the lipgloss-esque sheen it leaves on your lips (see above). The lady behind the counter told me this was due to the oil base the product has which also makes it super moisturising. I've been using this everyday since I bought it and I can honestly say I love it. I will certainly be re-purchasing when it runs out. (Provided I've finished Project Ten Pan first!)

As I was leaving The Body Shop a shop assistant asked if I would be interested in a free sample-WOULD I EVER?! Naturally I said yes please and found myself being lead over to a table brimming with products. The  kind assistant asked me what kind of thing I wanted (face, body or shower goodies) so I said 'face' and she then asked me what kind of skin I had. After explaining uneven skin tone and break outs are my main issues she directed me to the 'Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream.' Its an oil free moisturiser which is good for combination skin. Helps to keep skin matte and smooth and blemish free. I received a weeks worth of the moisturiser in a small tub to test at home.

As you can see from my photo, the cream absorbs very quickly into the skin, making it an ideal 'morning fix' for me. I've definitely felt an improvement in my skin since I've been using this and I will definitely be repurchasing the larger pot for £9 when I finish Project Ten Pan. (Or perhaps I'll just put it on my Christmas list! ;))

What are your fave 'The Body Shop' products?

Amy x

November GlossyBox

So you've already read 1784 posts on the November GlossyBox but I need to have my 2 cents worth, so humour me.

There is so much negativity surrounding this months Glossy. Last month complaints were uttered that all the boxes were the same, and this month bloggers are moaning over the products they recieved weren't the ones they wanted from the November selection. Sadly it seems GlossyBox can't please everyone.

Personally, I think GlossyBox did a fantastic job this month. All the products are ones I would want to use so I'm not particularly vexed over my boxes contents. Is it just me, or are there some great smelling products in this months GlossyBox too? Yum.

I will be signing the Boyfriend up for Glossy Men!

I received: Illamasqua 'Freak' Eau De Parfum, Nail Rock's Designer Nail Wraps in 'Black and White Stripes,' Monu Revitalising Moisturiser, Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts and Arbonne FC5 Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme. 

First up, 'Freak.' Many bloggers have had a downer on this perfume... I however, LOVE it. I hummed and harred over it initially but after smelling it (and getting my boyfriend to smell it too) I decided it was my kind of thing. Very different to many of the generic floral scents on the market. I like it but I don't know if the price tag (59 pounds for 75ml) is justifiable against the other perfumes on the market for around the 40/45 pound mark. We'll have to see come Christmas. 

I love the idea behind the nail wraps and my heart flipped when I saw the leopard print packaging. I was super disappointed to see my wraps were actually black and white stripped! The idea behind these wraps are that they are long lasting, perfect for people who don't have to remove their polish every 2 days for work! Sadly for me I'm going to have to use them on my toes so I can push their longevity to the max. Watch this space for a review.

These Sea Salts sound perfect, They help dry skin, complexion, muscle pain, bad backs, soften skin and relax the mind. I've only heard good things about these salts and the nice big sample will mean I can test the salts against all their claims! Time for a bath, me thinks.

I've used the hand creme. I like it, it smells good, it absorbs quickly but I wouldn't pay the price for a full version as it does nothing my Lush hand cream doesn't do for half the price. Saying that, I definitely can never have too many hand moisturisers. Especially living in cold, unpredictable England. Another welcome addition to my makeup drawer.

This moisturiser smells GREAT. Its so fresh and the scent isn't too over powering. My skin feels smooth and healthy after just one application. Fab. I'll certainly be using this in the coming months and I'll be sad when it runs out. I'll even go as far to say its my favourite GlossyBox product this month! 

Did you enjoy your November boxes? Have you unsubscribed or will you be hitting the subscribe button after seeing all the posts?

Amy x

Friday, 18 November 2011

He's a cowboy kid.

This is a bit of a random post to be honest, but I had a few odds and ends I wanted to share with you so I thought, why not jam them all into one post?

Firstly, since today was 'Pajama Day' at college (pay a pound towards a charitable cause and wear your pjs into college) I didn't feel it appropriate to do an OOTD post. Instead, have a FOTD post (actually YESTERDAYS face but ho hum).

Foundation: Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse in 'Cameo'
Cheeks: Benefit's 'Benetint'
Eyeshadow: Color Trend's Eyeshadow in 'Angel Food' (see my PTP post here)
Mascara: No 7's 360 Lash mascara
Eyeliner: Estee Lauder's Eye Kohl in 'Charcoal'
Lips: Body Shop's Lip Balm in 'Cranberry Joy'

I also wanted to show you my nails as I'm seriously enjoying the colour! 

Nail Paint by Barry M in the Shade 'Cyan Blue.' If you excuse the HIGHLY unoriginal name, the shade is absolutely fantastic and it only takes one coat to get the colour as you can see on my nails. Its fairly chip proof  (the rubbish paint job on my ring finger is down to my shaky hand rather than chipping). 

I also wanted to say if you've seen my sidebar you'll notice I've taken a new pledge. Go check it out because I think its a grand idea and something all internet users should think about. Down with the cyber bullies I say!

Amy x


Project Ten Pan

After being stone cold broke for the last 2 weeks I've decided to take a stand, starting with my makeup drawer. I tend to read beauty blogs and see a product which has been given a fantastic review and think- 'wow I could use that!' When I already have 2 variants in differing brands. Unnecessary, bad Amy. 

So to curb the spending (or at least stop it for now!) I'm embarking on 'Project Ten Pan.'

About Project Ten Pan

  1. The idea is simple: select ten products from your existing makeup collection you want to completely use up.
  2. Don't buy ANY other makeup products until these ten pans have been completely used.
  3. Admit to all moments of weakness and confess all makeup sins here on blogger.
  4. Save money! :)

My 10 products:

Number 1: Color Trend Final Touch Bronzer in 'Translucent Tan'

I chose this product because I've recently really got into bronzer. I would like to purchase a more high end bronzer, with more staying power than this one has. As bronzers go, this is a pretty good match for my skin and also doesn't make my skin too oily or orange. But it doesn't last long so I can see myself adding this to my makeup bag for touch ups!

Number 2: Barry M 'Touch of Magic' Lipstick

Many people freak when I get this lipstick out, 'no, I'm NOT putting green lippy on!' The green goes a shade of pink which variates as to the levels of alkali in your lips. They green derives from the fact it has added Aloe Vera to moisturize the lips. I chose this product because I've had it nearly a year and there isn't much left. Its on its last legs bless it.

Number 3: Avon Ideal Shade Foundation in 'Shell' 

The reason I've chosen this product is there isn't much left but I don't want to buy a new foundation until I've finished this one. Next time I'll buy a better quality one and have my skin tone matched. Buying from an Avon catalogue may be cheap but there isn't much scope for testing your ideal shade (ironically enough! (see product name)). 

Number 4: Lush Lip Scrub in 'Bubblegum'

I don't want to use up this product as such, but its on my list for the reason that I want to take better care of my lips this winter. Last year, I let them get in a chapped state before slicking on the balm! No longer. I love this scrub, tasty, easy to use and it smells great. If only it wasn't nearly a fiver!

Number 5: Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 'Soft Pink'

Recently theres been a lot of controversy surrounding Max Factor. Personally I love the brand but I'm very disappointed to find out they test on animals so much. I'm trying to be more animal friendly in my future makeup brand choices. That is why this is on the list. It is however, a perfect blush. Sort it out Max Factor, you are in my bad books!

Number 6: Witch Hazel Spot Concealer

As you can see there  isn't much left! This is on the list because I'm growing wearing of the bacteria which will be, inevitably, building up on the product. More of a hindrance than a help when it comes to spots! I need a new one, pronto.

Number 7: Color Trend Eyeshadow in 'Angel Food'

I'm actually embarrassed to tell you how long I've had this product. As a clue, I'll tell you I wore it to my leavers disco in year 6.... Oh Amy! I love the colour, however, and I can't bear to just chuck it out. Sentimental value, aha. I'm sure it can't be great using an nearly 11 year old eyeshadow but hey, you can't say I'm not taking this project seriously!

Number 8:  No 7 Extreme Length Mascara

In a never ending quest to find the perfect mascara, luxe sample sizes of variants are in abundance around my bedroom. They need using up before they dry up! That is why this product is in the list. Anyone used No 7 mascaras before? Are they any good?

Number 9: Carmex Lip Balm inn 'Strawberry'

I love Carmex. I've tried every flavour, I've used the pot version and the tube version and it never gets old. I've added this too my list as another way to force myself into a good habit of putting on lip salve in the cold weather. I will not be defeated by winter frosts.

Number 10: No 7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream

Confession: occasionally (OCCASIONALLY, PEOPLE) I forget to take eye makeup off at night (read as 'can't be bothered to take my eye makeup off') Bad I know, but hopefully this eye cream will help combat the bags I get as a result and remind me to take of my makeup PROPERLY. Good girl, Amy.

So there you have it, my Ten Products. I'll update you along the journey and I promise I'll confess all sins (makeup sales will be the end of me). Will you be joining me on my quest for more savings?

Amy x

NB: I will still be getting my monthly GlossyBox as I enjoy receiving packages in the mail too much to let it go. Deal with it ;).
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