Monday, 17 October 2011

Imagine all the people

I'm in a scary place right now, I feel like everything is hanging in the balance. Will I get the university offers I so desperately want? Will I get good enough grades? Will I make my family and boyfriend proud? Do I even REALLY want to go to university, or am I just terrified of missing out? What will happen to my relationship if we end up at different unis?
Will my friends now, remain my friends for life, or will we drift? I feel too young and naive to leave college and be flung in to the big, scary world.

Its times like these when I wish I hadn't willed my childhood away. Spent endless days, dreaming about the future. Back then I could have any future I wanted- Popstar, interior designer, business woman or curing cancer? Now I'm here. I'm in my future and I don't even know what I dreaming of anymore. I just want to be safe and loved and I want my life to be meaningful. I need to make a difference, to someone, anyones life. I need to know my drop in the ocean is somewhat significant.

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