Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fighting the Frizz

We've all been there- you've got an important interview/date/party and you want your hair looking truly 'goddess' however, a wash and blow dry later leaves you more 'Hermione-Granger-from-the-first-film.' Nightmare. 

In the never ending quest for frizz free hair I've come across some great tips which I'd like to share with you:

1) Find the right Shampoo and Conditioner for YOUR hair. (Note: this may not be the same shampoo/conditioner that works for your best friend).

I have a bathroom cupboard full of various shampoo brands. From Tresemme to Herbal Essences I've tried it all (even Lush's solid shampoo has graced my bathroom). At the moment, the 'one' for me is V05's Gloss Me Smoothly range and its currently working wonders on my locks.  

2) Don't towel dry! No, really, just don't.

Towel drying is quick and easy, but, the rough towel texture irritates hair follicles causing frizz (dun dun duuuun) so use an old tshirt instead. Happy heads all round.

3) Sleep with your hair in braids/bun.

A bit of serum and a plait over night will leave you with much more desirable morning hair than going it alone. Bedheads everywhere- we are fighting back!!

4) Let your hair dry naturally.

In this digital age its very easy to let technology fight our frizz for us. Hair tongs and blow dryers provide a short term fix but could leave you with more frizzy hair than ever in the long term. Resist using electronic hair gadgets where possible and allow hair to air dry after a wash. If you can't give up the straighteners just yet: invest in a good quality heat protection spray.

Good luck!

Amy x

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