Sunday, 10 July 2011

Birthday Meal No 1 and some shopping

Today I popped into the local shopping centre with my Mum and sister to buy my friends birthday present, before heading over to my boyfriends house. After much deliberation I bought my friend some 'shatter' effect nail polish by Barry M, a Beatles t-shirt from H&M and a 'LOVE' ring from accessorize. I also bought my best friend (currently on holiday) a charm for her charm bracelet. It was on a half price offer in accessorize and it was too cute to resist! I also got a ring from Claires similar to the one in my 'currently loving' post, and, of course, Cosmopolitan magazine.
Charm from accessorize, aren't I a good friend ;)

£5 from Claire's Accessorizes -can't go wrong!
After all the shopping I went over to Jimbo's house to play Call Of Duty and jam on his guitar (he jammed, I attempted to learn the 'G' chord). I sucked at 'COD' by the way, for anyone wondering! In the end Jimbo let me get a kill streak, so I could use a napalm bomb on him. What a good boyfriend :).

After all the hard core (ahem) gaming, I went out for a joint-birthday meal with my Mums side of the family, as it is mine and my youngest cousins birthdays this week. My Aunt got me a helium balloon to tie to my chair at the restaurant which I had WAY too much fun with for an almost 17 yeaar old! We ate too much cake and I got excited about being able to start driving!

Have lovely weeks, readers!

Amy x
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